I live life to the fullest and seek to motivate and inspire others while leaving a positive impact on our younger generation of artists.

In 2016, Jake began to travel the United States participating in various international tattoo events such as the Golden State Tattoo Expo in Pasadena, CA, The Philadelphia Tattoo Expo in Pennsylvania, the Empire State Tattoo Expo in New York City, NY, and the Dallas International Tattoo Expo before moving to Los Angeles, California to further the development of his craft. After studying amongst top tattoo industry professionals for 6 months, Jake decided to take leave of LA and move to southeast Florida where he currently resides.

“I see myself as a true underdog and I am motivated when people doubt me or someone tells me I can’t do something. I always take that negative feedback and turn it into a positive outcome. I am inspired to add value to other people’s lives through my artwork and positive message. I am also motivated by my family to succeed so I can provide them with the best life possible. They are my driving force to continue learning and growing each day.”

Tattoo Mentors:

Early in my tattoo career, I was heavily influenced by the work of tattoo artists Nikko Hurtado, Jesse Smith, Jarrod Russell, and Tony Ciavarro. I was always drawn to new school and realism tattooing. The caliber of work these prolific artists created truly changed the tattoo industry in a way that would go on to pave the way for an entire generation of tattooers. Scott Ross and Mike Karlowsky helped me significantly early on and allowed me to get my foot in the door in the Southwestern Pennsylvania Tattoo scene. Mike helped me out so much early on when I was down and out and taught me many things about life as well as tattooing. 

Jake Steele of Immaculate Tattoos


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